Build Your Sales Playbook In 4 Easy Steps

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Here is What You'll Learn

The 3 Types of Sales Playbooks

There are only a few reasons you need to build a sales playbook: hiring, organizing, growing. Find out which one you need.

How to Build Your Sales Playbook Using Pre-Built Templates

You will receive pre-built templates and worksheets to jump start your sales playbook building process so you can build your sales playbook in half the time.

What Goes into a Winning Sales Playbook

Building a sales playbook isn't just about putting a bunch of random stuff into a Google Doc. It's important to know the 20+ elements of a winning sales playbook.

How to Onboard Your New Sales Reps

A sales playbook can be an effective onboarding tool, enabling sales reps to onboard faster and sell sooner. Find out how!

My Complete 4 Step Sales Playbook System

My complete 4 step approach to building sales playbooks. I'll show you exactly how I have built sales playbooks for high growth SaaS companies.

How to Build KPI's and Compensation

A sales process is great, but now you're going to hire your sales reps. What KPI's are you measuring? What does your comp plan look like? How will you attract the right first few sales hires?


Hi, I'm Drew "Sales Playbook Builder" Williams.

Proud father, founder and sales growth specialist from Canada.

I believe founders are unique... and awesome.

I believe they speak their own language... and carve their own path.

I also believe that in order for founders to build and scale their sales team, they need a sales playbook.

A sales playbook is the foundation for a repeatable and scalable sales process.

A sales playbook will give you confidence in your sales process and your sales team.

For the last 6 years I've worked directly with founders, helping them sell more, establishing repeatable & scalable sales processes and building winning sales playbooks.

Let me show you what I've learned so you can grow a world-class sales team!

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